How Stop Mail Online

If you plan on being out-of-town for awhile the United States Postal Service (USPS) recommends stopping your daily mail delivery. If you are able to receive mail at your location, a better option may be a temporary mail-forwarding service. Either way, some action must be taken; you don’t want stacks of mail piling up at your front door or in your mailbox. While you can make your request at your nearest post office, an online request is faster and more convenient. usps change of address

Visit the United States Postal Service website (

Click on “Receiving Mail,” and then choose “Hold Mail.” Enter your zip code under “Create a Request,” and then click “Go.”

Enter your name and complete address (include an apartment or building number, if applicable). Click “Continue.” united state mail hold

Choose your “Begin Date.” Requests submitted before 2 a.m. Central time will be honored the same day (except Sunday); all others will begin the next business day.

Choose your “End Date.” You can initially select a date up to 30 days in advance; however, you can modify it later. Click “Continue.”

Review your submission and then click “Submit.” Write down your confirmation number; you’ll need the number if you decide to make changes to your request.

usps opening hours

us tracking number



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